Estilad® Artichoke

Estilad® Artichoke


Artichoke is a professional treatment solution used to reduce localized adiposity and for the reduction of all stages of cellulite.

Artichoke extract (Cynara Scolymus) holds lipolytic properties that encourage the synthesis of coenzymes involved in anabolic processes, reducing adipose tissue and in fatty acid synthesis. It also boosts a choleretic effect, increasing bile secretion and acting on the anti-toxic and glycogenic function of the liver thanks to its main ingredient, Cinarina. Artichoke can also affect kidney and urea metabolism, increasing urine output.

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  • Artichoke Meso cocktail solution, 10 Ampoules x 5 ml, 50 mL e 1 fl oz.
  • Lipolytic Metabolizer, Purifying, Draining.
  • Apply on clean and dry skin and massage in until completely absorbed, or via virtual meso, skin needling, transdermal techniques.
  • Artichoke Extract (Cynara Scolymus)
  • Sterile professional solution, WFI and Osmolarity Balanced.