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Exclusive products formulated for cosmetic medicine professionals and dermatologists

Estilad® Age Firming

  Restoration of the volume and contour of the body surface.   It is explicitly intended to build skin solidness and fortify the tissue strands, while diminishing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting a more youthful looking skin. This treatment solution contains DMAE, Organic Silanol, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Mannitol and

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Estilad® Artichoke

  Artichoke is a professional treatment solution used to reduce localized adiposity and for the reduction of all stages of cellulite.   Artichoke extract (Cynara Scolymus) holds lipolytic properties that encourage the synthesis of coenzymes involved in anabolic processes, reducing adipose tissue and in fatty acid synthesis. It also boosts a choleretic effect, increasing bile

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Estilad® Stop Acne

  Stop Acne is a professional, sterile solutions which has been developed to combat both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.   Stop Acne regulates and lowers pimples, regulates excess fat and sebum, eliminates dead skin and bacteria and provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, along with a keratolytic action, that helps to normalize skin problems and restore

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Estilad® Whitening 1500

  Whitening 1500 is a professional, sterile solution especially formulated to reduce pigmentation patches and even out skin tone.   Whitening 1500 helps to boost skin luminosity and combat age related changes in the skin and contains powerful antioxidants and skin boosters.Glutathione (1500mg) is a potent antioxidant which interrupts the tyrosinase process, regulating melanogenesis and

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Estilad® DCFR

  DCFR is a sterile treatment solution that reduces adiposity beneath the chin whilst simultaneously firming the skin.   DCFR contains potent natural lipolytic extract which has the ability to break the bonds in fat cells. The combined action of L-Carnitine, Caffeine and extracts of Artichoke, Melilotus, Horse Chestnut, Ivy, Camellia Sinensis and Horsetail, complement

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Estilad® Carnitine

  Carnitine is a sterile treatment solution ideal for reducing localized adiposity and cellulite affected skin which contains the amino-acid, L-Carnitine.   During lipolysis, triglycerides break down into two parts; glycerol and fatty acids. The fatty acids have a limited capacity to penetrate the mitochondria and need a physiological carrier to do so. L-Carnitine is

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